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Wet Organics Lube Water Based Lubricant

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Organics Wet Lube is my favorite lube! It’s a water-based aloe lube and it works very well for sensitive skin.


Anal anyone? You’ll want organics by wet

I recommend lube like this for any tight person, a big toy user or wants to try anything anal! I have been using this lube for over a year now, and it is the only one I use! Last year was the first time I have ever used a butt plug for instance, so with lots of new experiences I wanted to have reliable lube that met a long list of criteria for me. I needed something organic, with minimal ingredients and something that was relaxing to use. I’ve had some bad experienced with sex toys and lubricants that smelled/tasted horrible when I was younger.  I have been having anal sex for the last few years with Fen, but in 2019 we took our anal activities to the next level, lol. My tightness was making it hard to capture certain positions on film, so we had to use a ton of lube to get it to feel great for me.

The fact that it is organic and great for sensitive skin is the real winner for me. The aloe makes it moisturizing, easy to wash off and leaves my skin feeling great. There are a lot of things that make this lube amazing!

  • Non-toxic and body-safe
  • Oil-free
  • Glycerin free
  • pH balanced
  • Organic & natural plant-based sourced ingredients
  • Aloe-based

About Organics by Wet Lube

when using it:

  • it is not sticky, never a weird residue or stain.
  • pleasant taste and smell
  • it has a soothing gel-like consistency very similar to aloe since that is the main ingredient.
  • works well with a vast majority of toys & skin types
  • great for Lovense series or any silicone toys that have electronics to them!

Here is a list of sex toys I love using with this lube!

  • Lovense Lush
  • Lovense Hush
  • Lovense Domi
  • Glass tentacle toy
  • Glass heart toy
  • 8-inch realistic silicone dildo
  • Steel butt plugs
  • Silicone butt plugs

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