New Sextpanther Feed and Explorer Page

Hey everyone, I love Sextpanther as I wrote in a review on this blog a while back! I am back today to announce a feature I am very excited about, the newly added Sextpanther Feed!

Included below will be some screenshots of the new features and highlight some of the most important changes for models.

For members of Sextpanther, you can now more easily discover your favorite new models. You may also view a gallery of premium content on their profile. After you add a contact, you will then be alerted of their new profile posts when they post them! To clarify, if you add a model you will then have access directly to their Sextpanther feed.

Sextpanther feed is now live! Models may now post content to their profile and the SextPanther explore page. Posting to your profile notifies your contacts of new content while posting into the SextPanther explore page. This new feature will allow fans and potential callers to discover you more easily. Base payouts for the feed start at 75% and cap out at 82.5%. This includes chargeback protection for all models

This feature takes up the place of the mass messaging system on the home page. The mass messaging system has now been integrated into the top of the texting Inbox.

That’s it mostly, be sure to explore my page, check out my new posts, and add me as a contact!

Thanks for reading!

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