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How To Set Goals in an Effective Manner

Setting and achieving goals is one of the most fun and rewarding aspects of living life and feeling good. Of course, goals come in all shapes and sizes and varying amounts of fulfillment from each one. What makes our goals special and useful to us? Do they just get in the way or do they drive us to create more new goals and strive towards greatness? As adults, we can create ways for ourselves to set advantageous goals for your personal life, financial growth, sexual relationships, and beyond!

Ladies and Gentleman, I am excited today to discuss how to set goals in an effective manner. Not just in a way that makes them easy to get, but a way to make your goals useful assets to you. In today’s article, we are discussing just those very things. 

YES. Your goals can be a useful resource in helping you feel good and do great things at the same time! When you set goals in an effective manner you are able to use them to empower you and motivate you to take more action on even bigger goals in the future. For this, you will need a huge vision, but also a plan that you feel is achievable. Most people toss out their new year’s resolution by the end of February so I figured this was a perfect time to re-evaluate our goal setting strategies together. Let’s get started!


The journey is the reward

Let’s say you set a goal for your income and you want to make $50,000 this year with your brand new business in 2020. If you focus on that dollar amount you might find yourself a bit discouraged. Try instead, to focus on the reason and purpose you are pursuing that goal.

Who is going to benefit from this goal? Is it just you? Can you help people that you know with this goal? If so, how many? How would that feel? Maybe you will help people and not even realize you helped them from afar?

Either way, notice how good it feels when you decide to focus on the unlimited possibilities of what your goals can do for you and those around you. That feeling will pull you in and before you know it, you won’t even remember having to push for that $50,000!


How to set goals with the right scope in mind

Because most people overestimate what they are going to do in a year and underestimate what they can do in a decare or two, here is an applied example!

I want you to try this for yourself, write down 10 long term goals and 10 short term goals and keep them separated so you can visually organize them. Of those 10 short term goals, I want you to place a star next to the top 5 that are the easiest to achieve this year. Setting goals that feel too big can often be overwhelming. By isolating the most effective goals and organizing into a realistic time frame, you may feel a bit more powerful in your goal setting.


Focus on what you want, not what you do not want

Another common pitfall of goal settings is focusing on what you don’t want out of the goal, instead of focusing on what you have to gain from it. 

For example: “I want to lose weight because I don’t want to look fat anymore.” is going to be a very painful way to look at the outcome of the goal. 

Try to focus on what you have to gain from losing weight, for example: “I want to lose weight so I can fit into this amazing outfit I have.” Well now you just gave yourself a good feeling to associate with the goal and it will help pull you towards achieving it, even if only subconsciously. Re-framing your perspective is one of the most powerful ways to get more of what you want out of life.

That is exactly why we are setting goals right now!! 🥰


Don’t stop after you have achieved your goal

Setting goals isn’t a point, it’s a process. So many people reach their goals and they remark “Is that it…?” 

Growing and feeling the fulfillment that comes with that progress is the secret sauce to accomplishing anything you set your heart too!


Don’t worry about not achieving your goals

You don’t just want to grow, you want to live an amazing life on your terms. And for that to happen, working towards fulfilling and satisfying goals can be the perspective shift you may need to keep prospering and working towards new and exciting goals.


Take action, monitor your progress with a journal and never give up!

Now that we know some important things about how to set goals, go and grab a brand new spiral notebook or crack open Microsoft OneNote and let it rip. Write down your goals and let them become assets that you use to improve your life and it’s unlimited potential.