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Dahlia Wolf 2020 Overall Thoughts and Goals

Reflecting on 2018 & 2019…

It is getting nice and chilly here in Colorado. The weather is a lovely and great change. I hope everyone is enjoying the fall season. I can’t imagine a better place to spend the fall than here, to be honest, and I am excited to see all the snow! As I am working on this post, it started snowing this morning! We have officially seen our first Colorado snow. We decided to move to Colorado last October, and here we are one year later. It’s been quite the journey and I am ready to flourish here. We made it babes! I had an interesting time exploring and moving across the country this summer on our way to Colorado. there was barely a dull moment haha. I have a ton of photos and videos to still sort through, but I hope to do that soon to share with you all! So far we are enjoying the dry climate here in Colorado it’s done wonders for my breathing and overall health.

I would like to start by thanking everyone for following my story thus far. We made a lot of moves in 2018 and I met all of my goals from this blog post and I go over my 2019 Studio Gear in this post. 2019 has been an incredible year that has allowed me to refine my production and brand. I am really happy with the flow we have found with creating content and I look forward to pouring my heart into my work further.


The Future of Wolfparty3

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My 2020 Overall Thoughts and Goals Future Vision Board


Home is a beautiful word. As long as I am with Fen any place has been my home. From being flooded out into a tent last summer to our new penthouse this year we have held onto our bond and learned a lot about one another. Using a vision board that we created for ourselves immensely helps with goal setting! We created a vision board of moving to Colorado. We held this close in our hearts while we worked until it became a reality.

I recommend a vision board to anyone looking to goal setting. I am ready to find a home of my own here in Colorado so I have my eyes set on that goal next. Having a safe home to call your very own is a great blessing one I am excited to feel for the first time in my life. I never felt that way growing up or at any rental, but I do feel more content than ever. It is a big goal and one that will be necessary for my next plans for our lives.

Gardening, Farming & Land Management Goals

Anyone who knows me well knows how much I love nature and gardening. A healthy lifestyle, food, and land are very important to me, so I combine those passions with gardening. It is my dream to start a garden while I continue to model. I love the lifestyle of being outdoors and hands-on projects. I aim to turn a simple garden into a flourishing farming community with smart work. Growing my own food while I model is my dream, and every day I am working towards that. At this point, I will be in a position to build community and help many which are my ultimate goals.

Community Goals

Sex Worker Community

I wish to build a community in a diverse set of ways using Wolfparty3 that will benefit models & other members of the sex work community! I want to offer coaching, more tutorials and create solutions for models. If there is anything you would like to see from this blog, please write to us and let us know!

Farm Community 

Owning and operating successful farms will give me the ability to provide the community with more opportunities that will lead to amazing connections. I would like to provide people from all walks of life resources from my farm. This is my chance to address the growing number of mentally ill, disadvantaged and often homeless youth. Disadvantaged is a very general term that we are using to describe people with problems such as physical or mental disability, lack of money or economic support. This support system can take a lot of forms, such as volunteer workshops for the disadvantaged focused on an empowering connection to community and nature.

Thanks for reading,
Stay Sexy!

Scroll down to see a list of gear I am planning to get in the future!

My List of Gear Goals

I am very excited to add a variety of gear to my production! Here is a list of gear goals I have for the future.

Cameras I want to buy: 

Other Accessories I want to buy this year!


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