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Best Studio Gear of 2019






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A list of the gear we use for Wolfparty3!

Best Studio Gear of 2019 wolfparty3 pornhub porn video sex movie Dahlia Wolf Dahliaxwolf

Best Studio Gear of 2019

I spend a lot of time in the studio, and I want to go over all of the equipment that has been working well for me, as well as equipment I want to get next. These items will honestly be great for any kind of studio, such as audio, visual arts, and graphic design.

This is a list of my favorite Studio Gear and some items i want to get soon!

yeti blue yeti microphone stand record how to best equipment 2019 stereo vocals instrumentals music instruments musical

I would give the Blue Yeti Microphone 5/5 stars. It is absolutely one of my top 3 favorite studio gear items that I have received this year. It is perfect for a variety of content creating needs. Record and stream vocals, musical instruments, conference calls and more! It has multi directional modes for capturing sound and many other features. It really captures every sound in my home from a single room. I make sure to have it relatively low so that it does sound obnoxiously loud on my live streams!

  microphone extension clip best studio gear 2019 blue yeti microphone streaming live cam vloggers vlogging gear chaturbate

Microphone Suspension Extension Clip this is an almost necessary addition to the Blue Yeti Microphone and I would also give it a 5/5 stars. It is made of high quality sturdy material. The microphone clip is heavy so you will want to mount it and the Blue Yeti to a desk. It allows me to extend the range or position of the mic.

logitech brio webcam web conference call online live streamers vloggers blogging blog equipment studio brio

The Logitech Brio HD webcam is the second webcam I have ever purchased, and it is my favorite one so far because of its 4k HD resolution capabilities! A lot of serious vloggers and streamers use this webcam, although it does have a premium price. I give it a solid 5/5 stars in this review of it. It is a fabulous webcam and really is one of the best, the only issue being the occasional blurring. Despite this issue, I still use it for my main cam show on Chaturbate. It does not happen often, but it happens for me both during live streaming and recording. Great lighting helps to advert some of this issue, but generally fast movement or moving quickly from fore ground to background will make it blur. Simple put your hand in front of the cam until it refocuses and then carry on with your live streaming! It really hasn’t affected my work very much and is a minor glitch.

logitech c920 webcam webcamming live streaming stream studio gear 2019 recording record cam cam girls camgirls porn chaturbate manyvids model photography adult entertainment

Another great webcam the Logitech C920 Pro streaming webcam I started live camming with the logitech C920 and I do recommend it. I currently use it for dual streaming and it is the webcam I use for Many Vids Live currently! For many it’s price is more reasonable and it does not have any real glitches for that reason I give it 5/5 stars.

esddi photography lights lighting modeling model cam live web camming porn how to make professional clips videos vlogging youtube

The ESDDI Photography lights are a must purchase I give this amazing studio tool 5/5 stars. These lights are almost necessary for modeling and photoshoots. Content creators, vloggers and YouTubers swear by good lighting, and for good reason. Quality studio gear can make such a huge difference in the appearance of the production. Even if it just a few videos or pictures a year, this photography set is worth the buy!


I use the Galaxy Tablet A  primarily to create content right now as I do not have a phone currently. I use my tablet to update all of my apps and social media sites while I am multitasking. It is very helpful and the large screen is easier to read than a phone. The tablet will also be useful at conventions for displaying photo galleries of my content!

Recommended Accessories:

This portable Anker 4 port USB hub is essential for anyone that needs more USB ports 5/5 stars for this product! This helps with gaming, streaming and studio related activities that require a lot of USB cables. I love the Galaxy Tablet stand for taking selfies. This is a quality item with a low profile simple design I would give it 5/5 stars! It helps so much with angles and timing of pictures. It is such a simple product but it has really increased my content quality!

Cat 7 Ethernet cable 16 ft professional gold plated plug for high speed connection. It has added more flexibility to where I can move my set up so I give it 5/5 stars. This cable really helps with streaming! It lessens lag from my laptop and this cable is also 16 feet which is so nice for moving around my studio.

A very underrated product but still essential for all your plug needs the 6 Outlet Power Strip earns 5/5 stars. I love the USB ports in addition to the 6 outlets!

This Western Digital External Hard Drive literally saved my computer. I had way to many files and so much content that was bogging down my PC. It makes streaming really difficult when you have too many files on your computer! Now I can make more content for the next few months until I buy more hard drives.

Gear that I will add to my Studio in 2019:

acer predator 300 gaming laptop pc camming live streaming stream cam webcam predator latest studio gear 2019 new review computers recording I love my laptop, but the Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop would really help my streaming and content creation capabilities. It’s graphics card is really what sets it apart from other laptops. With this laptop I would be able to stream on twitch and have higher HD capabilities for not only gaming, but for all of my recordings as well. I look forward to adding this to my set of studio equipment this year!acer moniter ultra thin full HD resolution studio gear 2019 tv screen 1920 x 1080 21.5

As of February 2019 we are both the proud owners of these epic 21.5″ Acer Moniters. The picture quality is superb for photo/video editing, having a larger screen during livestreaming. It is full HD and will add towards the gaming set up I want so I can live stream on twitch again!

  canon rebel T7i studio gear 2019 best studio gear porn filming recording streaming camming live chaturbate manyvids webcam photography model 2019


This camera take amazing pictures! The Canon Rebel T7i is very much a tool I want to add to my content creation. I really feel it will take my work on to the next level. I am definitely getting this next. This camera has a weather seal just as a bonus so it will help me make my dream of more outdoor content a little closer!

samsung galaxy s9 best camera photography model hd resolution studio gear sex phone operator calls


I know that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will greatly improve the quality of my photos and videos. I am currently using a tablet to update my premium snapchat and social media. The Samsung Galaxy S9 will be a much needed upgrade! It has one of the best android cameras that you can get!

*UPDATE* We decided that the Samsung Galaxy J8 was the best cam girl phone due to it’s 16MP Front and Rear Camera!
Review for the Samsung Galaxy J8 will be coming very soon.

julius studio backdrop camming photography model photo shoot studio gear review 2019

Julius Studio backdrop base and the backdrop screen will add a professional touch to my photo shoots! You can also buy a black back drop or whatever color it is that you need. I look forward to adding this as I step up my content quality!

Videos take up a lot of space, making a WD elements 4TB Hard Drive very important. I plan on making tons of content this year so adding another hard drive to my collection will help me continue my work! I recommend anyone who streams or creates online content to invest in one of these as well it makes loads of a difference in your pc’s performance when it is not full of files.


surround sound system home theater studio gear 2019 sound good speakers best great deal review

If I could choose any speakers to make my studio epic, I would go with the Logitech Surround Sound I am a big fan of Logitech products, I have not had bad experiences with this companies products. The current speakers that I have are Logitech and they work really well! This is a complete home theater set up, and works well for a variety of content creation and entertainment needs.

cowin pro noise canceling head phones studio gear 2019 best reviews technology audio visual graphic design youtube streaming stream live camming cam webcam porn manyvids chaturbate streamer vlogger blogger affiliate

To help with editing and general studio work the Cowin Pro Noise Canceling Headphones will help a lot with focusing in on small details. This will overall increase the quality of production in any type of studio.

If you would like to help improve the quality of my content, there are a lot of ways to support me! You can check out my store and buy me a gift! A lot of these items have been gifts on my wish list! Thank you so very much to so many of you who have supported me in this way.