Wolfparty3 Blog Post 1 Thank You to Our Subscribers

First Blog Post – Thank You for 10,000 Subscribers

Thank You to our fans for reaching 10,000 subscribers from the Wolfparty3 crew…

We are ecstatic! 

Hey there, Dahlia here!

I just wanted to take the time to thank our subscribers directly for all their support on this fantastic journey and to recap on what the last few months of this summer have been like for the Wolf Party!

So what’s been happening beneath the sheets for the Wolfparty3 crew?

Many new experiences, lessons learned, and gifts are given! Special thanks to my lovely subscriber and supporter Fender for buying us many wonderful gifts such as; the highly anticipated Lovense: Lushwhich is definitely a unique experience with great vibes. It does not work well with oil-based lubes like coconut oil which was our favorite up until recently. Be sure to check out for my review of the Lovense Lush! The Lovense Lush works really well with the Organic Aloe Based Lube by Wet. Oh, it just leaves everything perfectly dripping wet, without the stickiness many lubes have. My sweetest friend Fender made sure a few bottles were already on their way, as well as these neat little Blue Green LED String Lights to help set the mood!!

Thank You, Fender! These gifts not only help us increase our personal performance but ensure the entire show is better, for everyone. We can not thank you enough Mr.Fender! Another special thank you to our very own fan club member Guitarslim!  💗 Thank you for all the spankings and also for buying us these nifty first paddles; Frisky Imprint Paddle and the Strict Deluxe Rounded Paddle. We use them every day and think about you always. You are such a sweetheart!!

With your combined effort we were able to give each lady hundreds of spankings. The night of my Birthday there were plenty of spankings for my rear until it was sore. If you happened to miss my birthday, feel free to check out one of my many content sites and show me a little love. The paddles are an excellent addition to my rapidly growing collection of sex toys, and they have vastly increased the performance of the show. For example, if you come in and tip for paddle spankings on our webcam show, then you will have your choice of which paddle to use on my behind!

We’ve also been surprised by other lovely gifts all month long… Toys, Beauty, and Studio equipment for a better broadcast!

I am just wet thinking about all the content I can create with my new gifts. Thank you all so much for the pleasurable toys for me to experiment with… some toys I am using for the very first time like the Aimyoo Set of Three Steel Buttplugs and recently the Naughty Candy Heart Buttplug. I’ve also never used Kegel ballswhich is a fun exercise for women to strengthen pelvic muscles, I’m hoping to make my infamous squirts even better.

There was also a nice Utimi 8.3 inch Silicone Dildoalthough it never arrived at our address for some unknown reason. We also received many wonderful gifts to help make the Wolfparty3 broadcasts run much smoother, and with higher quality! This really helps us make the most out of our time with our subscribers and supporters. Thanks to our friend Fender our show will continue to grow with your love and support! We are excited to release more content with the following gifts!

At the time of writing this update, of course, these were all the gifts we had received. Today as I was looking through our wish list I was shocked with delight. To my surprise, it was promptly updated with more gifts from Fender a lot of gifts that go directly towards making the show better. How exciting! Thank you so much for showing us so much love and support. The InnoGear Microphone Extension Mic Clip will work very nicely for the Blue Yeti USB Microphone. Of course, the Foldable Silicone USB Keyboard is nearly necessary for camming being waterproof and all. We now have more options for the set with the Light Weight Tripod 60 inch and more capabilities with the Ankor 4-port USB Data Hub. The set is going to shine with the ESDDI Softbox Photography Lighting Kit which will help with all of our lighting needs.

Now, Wolfparty3 will be able to post a video review of products and other custom videos. Be sure to contact us for more details about custom videos and how we can satisfy you at the Wolfparty!

I am also looking forward to some more personal products from Fender such as Pacifica Tahitian Gardenia Perfume, and Pacifica Beauty Cleansing Wipes for my beauty collection. Gardenia is a favorite of mine right now, due to its relaxing qualities. Reviews for these products on a later blog post when I receive them. Be sure to look out for that.

These gifts and actions of kindness mean more to me than anyone can know.

I am incredibly grateful to be able to share Fen and myself with our wonderful subscribers. And to be able to take care of ourselves with the continued support!


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We love our loyal subscribers and fan club members on Pornhub and Chaturbate!

Remember to follow our broadcast on Chaturbate and our mailing list here on the website.

We really appreciate it! You can now watch our Livestream here on our own website!

Thank you, everyone, for the continued support, keep the good vibes going!

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